How would you feel about your brother being friends on Facebook with your ex?

My brother is friends on Facebook with my ex, and i'm married now, and it bugs my spouse. Thoughts?
And i should probably add that my ex has been awful to my wife by causing drama and trying to break up our relationship in the past, and my wife is friends with my brother, so she feels betrayed that my brother would stay friends with her after that.


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  • It's Facebook. Who gives a F*ck. but that's just my opinion.

    • My brother shares pictures and posts that involve me and my wife, and i don't want my crazy ex having a way to snoop on our personal life, and having her added on Facebook is the perfect opening.

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  • your husband should get over're not the one who is friends with your ex but even if you were, your husband is the one you chose to be with. he shouldn't be jealous or insecure or any of that.

    • I'm a lesbian, so my wife. But my ex has tried to break up our relationship in the past, she has caused lots of drama, and my wife isn't jealous or insecure, she's hurt.

    • sorry, didn't mean to assume! legitimately thought i read "husband" haha. with the extra information, I could see why your wife would be uncomfortable since your ex has been such a source of pain

    • Haha no problem, i should have specified. Yeah, my wife just likes certain aspects of our life to remain just between close friends and family, so my ex can see all that stuff on Facebook and it freaks my wife out. Also, she's afraid that her being on Facebook is a perfect opening to cause more drama is she so pleases.

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  • Limit your brothers access to both of your posts but tell him you are doing that strictly so this ex can't see anything relevant through his wall posts or feeds. If he cares he can delete her or whatever, but I honestly think other than in extreme circumstances it is pretty jacked when people tell me who I should delete on Facebook. Like that wouldn't be appropriate in real life although I suppose there are issues that are diff...

  • Did your brother add her before the breakup or after?

    • They we're friends on Facebook back when i was dating her, before the break up. But my wife and i both have said we would prefer for him to delete her because we don't want her to be able to cause anymore drama or snoop.

    • Gotcha, yeah I'd tell him to delete her as well.

  • would bother me too, its like she's snooping


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  • My sister is FB friends with my ex and it doesn't bother me (we also had a turbulent relationship and breakup). You could talk to your brother about it, but I don't think it should be taken seriously.


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