Getting over a break up! Help me please!

So I was with this guy for a year and a half. I have had boyfriends before and had my heartbroken but this is just different.

I don't open up to people I have a lot of walls and trust issue that stems from childhood sexual abuse and not the best family life. My past relationships I pushed them away before they got close but he stuck through it.

I opened up to him and fought for us and tried everything to make it worse.

But even though a trained professional told him he had a lot of issues to work through he continued to blame me for the problems and he ended up dumping me.

It's been three weeks. I've been super stressed out from school. I wanted to give up on school because I had no ambitions right after we broke up. But we fought for two weeks before hand and I put my attention to that instead of my school work. But I'm to stubborn to fail so instead of dealing with my feelings I turned off all emotions and wouldn't let myself feel anything.

But now I'm starting to crack I'm confused because to me we were just having a fight and the one night I was being stupid and asked why I wasn't good enough or what happened and the only thing I got was it's not about not being good enough.

He still has his fb status and picture the two of us, all of his stuff is still in my house and he's said nothing about coming to get it.

I just don't know how to cope I'm trying not to break down till after my exams but when I do I think I'm just going to lose it. I don't know what to do


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  • Im sorry to hear about what happened.I think the most improtant thing to do is try to focus and at least get through the rest of the semester since it's almost over. This break up thing can be a huge distraction.I kind of feel like maybe he just wants a break since he didn't get his stiff back yet and he still got pictures up on Facebook etc.I think if he was really that mad or wants to get over you then he would do the obvious.I feel he may come back.Just try and give it time and see what happens.I think most people fight in relationships.No relationship is perfect. And even though you and him had ups and downs you both tried to work through it.I do think it's unfair because he didn't really give you a good enough reason I feel to not wanting to be with you.I think thigns will work out for you.Just try and be storng and even if it doesn't work out between you and him.You will find somebody else it just takes sme time to get over a break up.The odds are pretty high that you and him might end back up together.

    • I am focusing I'm trying to stay strong it's just getting harder to do

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    • Your very welcome.

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  • Take it one day at a time and for now do what you need to do to get through the semester. Don't short yourself when it comes to school you need to do what needs to be done. Whether or not the two of you reconsile I would suggest focusing on your goals, plans and interests. You gotta a lot of years ahead of you and you want to make some good decisions, when you are older you are going to look back on this and it will be learning experience.

    • I'm trying so hard to just get through it but the lack of eating and sleep isn't helping

  • agreeing with the response above. Its a misunderstanding at a stage and lack of communication.

  • Have sex with his dad and own that loser.


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