If your ex is still using your credit card to charge you a great amount, how do you feel and what would you do?

Your ex cheated you for 7 months before breaking up, one year later, you found she is still using your credit card to charge you A LOT, how do you feel and what would you do?
I mean your "ex gf".

The girl in the story has his credit card information that enables her to do online shopping and stuff, so it's not necessary for her to present the card.
No, I'm not the girl in the story but my friend's ex is. He is a very nice person and he is very stressed under this situation. I'm not sure what advice I could give to him.


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  • Report her for fraud.

    What a fucking selfish and absolutely REVOLTING person this girl is. Vile slagwhore, who's been fucking around behind his back then has the nerve to use HIS details to buy herself stuff?

    I would sue every last penny off of this piece of shit woman. And arrange for her to "accidentally" get her arms broken a la ye olde way of punishing thieves.


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  • Have her arrested for fraud.

    • But he loved her very much before!

    • So what?

    • So that makes it ok for her to STEAL his money? Are you for real?

      A friend of mine split up with a longterm girlfriend some years ago. She's a lawyer and has been fucking him for money for nearly two years until he managed to gather some evidence of her fraudulent behaviour and threatened to sue.
      Bitch paid back every penny, when she realized no law degree would save her ass from hard cold evidence.

      Tell me something, are you the girl in question? Why else would you defend this sort of behaviour?

  • Get her arrested and sue her.

  • Lmaoooo. Id break some jaws or take over her house


What Girls Said 1

  • Make him pay it back. If he doesn't, take him to court.

    But why does he still have your credit card again?


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