Ex was flaunting a new girl? What gives?

An ex brought a new girl he's dating to a small get-together with mutual friends and ignored me the entire night. (even when sitting directly across the table). He knew I would be there. The next day he messages me desperately apologizing and hoping everythings okay between us.
What gives?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Someone's trying to make you jealous! He still cares about you to some extent and probably feels bad for trying to make you jealous.

    If he doesn't have a shot with you anymore, don't rise to it! Either ignore him back or just tell him something like "I'm happy we've both moved on", don't give him a reaction that he's looking for, like getting offended etc.


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  • He still has feelings for you.
    Respond to it [what he wants]
    or ignore it and make him "sweat" [what he doesn't want]

    The power is yours! *flies off like cpt planet*


What Girls Said 2

  • In the beginning he was trying to make you jealous (I'm guessing you figured that out) and to show you what you're missing out on (or not, if you dumped him. Somehow the new girl backfired on him (possibly dumped him) and is trying to save face by getting back with you.

    It's also possible that the pair of them hatched this little plan to try and get you back with him.

    Whatever transpired (which was possibly badly executed if it only lasted a day in his attempt to make you jealous), bottom line is he wants to get back with you.

  • He just wanted to make you jealous and show his mutual friends that he is over you.


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