Do you guys think he will come back?

My boyfriend broke up with me it's almost going to be a month He said he lost love. I know it was my fault because I honestly turned to a crazy jealous girlfriend we dates for a year and 5 months. The last 6 months of our relationship we fuaght a lot but always had good times as well. I asked him if we could stay friends. He agreed sometimes he's confused and other times he "knows" we'll never get back togethere. We have hung out and one time he kissed me. I know he still has feelings for me. But he doesn't wanna give it a shot. Recently he said there was no chance so I went to his house read him a letter I wrote and made him circle options I had and he didn't circle the know he circled the hell tell me later as in he doesn't know his choice yet. Basically I made it clear I was giving up on waiting and wanted to know if it was time for me to stop trying. Does any one have advice or tips please


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  • Have you ever heard of chemistry? For women love is chemistry and the only reason many women fall in love. Your feelings are due to a strong hormone. Dull the effects of the hormone and your problems will change, you will see clearly.

    Good luck

  • I don't think he's coming back. Almost sure of it.


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