Guys why do you call your ex after 3 months no contact? Then say oh I called by mistake? Please help?

My ex husband claims he called me by mistake. Which I dont believe him, we have not been in contact in 3 months.. why please help


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  • your in his head.. lol
    he's thinking of you

    • Why are you being a smart Ass

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    • Lol...because I get a lot of mix that is why. I did take him we chat everyday and meet up 1 week...he is still talking to that married women who interfered in our marriage that is why I get mix reviews

    • well after reading below, you guys divorced bkuz of it? so its a booty call (:
      if your upto it, he is
      even if there are other people in his life (women)

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  • Dude is probably just lonely. If you were married a sig amount of time then even if there isn't love/lust there anymore when you split it's like loosing a job a pet or any other feature of your life you've become used to. Alotta chicks'll do the something similar but usually it's like a year later.

  • he either goofed... or he's secretly lookin for a familiar piece.

    ...did he make any further contact after the call?

    • Yes he has, a couple of times

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    • No nothing good is going for him since our divorce except for that married older women... He had lost his job went to truck driving school failed his test for the second time. That is when he called me by mistake the first time... He knows I never judged him or made him feel less of man I always supported him... Every since we saw each other he sees me happy back to my happy self got a promotion lost a lot of weight and he is still in the same spot were I left him

    • So the initial question remains...
      ...what is your quandary?
      ...what "help" are you looking for?

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  • it could be a mistake..a guy I went out with for one month, texted me after 3 years..go could ve been a mistake I ll never know


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