Why don't my ex boyfriend old girl friend like mes?

So I'm kinda of really confuse. But I feel like I'm getting the answers that I kinda of new and felt myself. So lately just a little be stressing about my ex and what he is up to. Yea... yea.. I know he's and ex why do I care. Well I still do care for this man... Very much so but my feelings come and go so my heart is in the middle of wanting him still and what the hell with him. So I have done some read online about the issue and his behavior with guy's or exes. But I still get a little lost. So my next step up was to ask a psychic and a lot of people looks like psychic wth yes I know. But I do feel like that they some have been really helpful and some just pick up what I was going to ask. So just a few hours ago when I lasted talk to one. I asked her about why is hr doing all of this and what dose it mean. Like I asked why is he trying to hide his gf from me. She said because he dose not want to hurt me nor want me ti found out and that if things don't work with me he wants me back and said he still has feelings. My other question was dose she know about me and she said Yes and I said really. And she said well yeah because he has brought me up to her and has had talked about me to her a lot. And I said was it bad she said no why would he. But also. I said some other psychic's I had talked to said she don't like me and knows all about me. She knows me but I don't know her and in a way I do feel like she was saying bad stuff about me because a month ago my ex was begin an ass and begin a jerk and trying to want control me. And I said I never seen him this way so what's new. But he has come down and is doing better and begin nice he dose try to be a smart ass trying to be funny. But anways they also said: that she's a person from his past and she was chasing him. But she also said that he dose like her but he also was trying to get over me but she said it didn't help and he is still not happy. Even if he looks like he is. So why don't his ex now gf again likes me?


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  • I think its because he still has feelings 4 u and that makes them angry

    • Oh like she know he dose for me?

    • yes

    • Well that stupid. I mean it's no point trying to hide her from me. When he knew I saw her at less more then once. smh! and for her. She needs to get a life and get over herself. That not my problem that my ex still feels for what he feels for me. And lol today at work- he was checking out other girl's so it's like he likes her but don't like her. I feel like he may end up cheating on her with someone. I mean he use to do the same with me when looking at other women when we was out an about. And it kinda of pissed me off- and I don't think he cheated on me. But when a guy has a wondering eye.. then that not good. But since him and I are not together anymore. Then that her problem... now. I mean I don't know how he is with her when they do go out. But if he's doing all of that. Then who else is he doing beside her. lmao haha

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