She blew me off and refused my apology but is more open to me?

I love this woman and I did something terrible. I tried to apologize but she refused. But before that when I was just being friendly she seemed interested and acted as if there was nothing bad between us. We texted frequently and catched up like old friends. I went to her house and there was still stuff from our break up. Clothes, makeup, the table and a few memoirs scattered around her house. Once I told her I was sorry and was ready to fully commit to her she wouldn't accept it and told me i didn't know how much pain I put her through. She acted like that never happened. But is more flirtatious with me (i.e kissing my cheek, more open, smiles more). What does this mean? Do I still have a shot with her?


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  • Yes, there is a good chance that you Still have a "shot" with her and that it Is Not just a----shot in the dark.
    It sounds as though she is coming around, with her pecks and her playfulness, and although she most probably Is feeling this pain, she is Still, in turn, showing you some of her wrath, as not to wear her heart on her sleeve altogether. She won't let you live it down what you did as "something terrible."
    She is also not going to give you the Full satisfaction of letting her guard completely down right now. Until then, go slow with her, don't put any pressure on her, and if you have your "guns in their holsters" correctly, she may bite the bullet and come back with bells on.
    Good luck.xx


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  • yes , give her more time , i always do the same thing because i love you but at the same time i am still mad/sad. so when me hearts takes control she forgets what you did and talks to you , then mind takes place and make her feel bad about you , so give her more time


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  • yup you have another chanse >> just try 2 times more and see what will happen :)


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