Is speaking to another girl of my university course everyday inappropriate as i have a girlfriend, should boyfriends speak to girls?

Ok so basically i'm 20 me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and a half, we were together for a year and a month and then she broke up with me. We had petty arguments all the time and just eventually broke up over the constant fighting anyway before that in our relationship she swore of all guys and didn't speak to any. She had no guys friends and guys that she had been with before she blocked them all so basically i was the only regular male contact. I didn't really speak to any girls either, not deliberately just because i get on with guys and unless a girl is my girlfriend i never really tend to get close to girls.

Anyway i met this girl of my course like months ago but i didn't really speak to her, while me and my girlfriend were broken up i decided to try and speak to girls you know to get to know her. One on my friends said he heard that she liked me. Anyway so i star talking to this girl and within like a day i'm back with my ex, i have never flirted with this girl or even said or done anything inappropriate. Thing is since we started speaking she's really cool and friendly so we've been speaking pretty much every day just over text just about random stuff like tv shows interests our uni work etc. We speak everyday and i enjoy speaking to her but sometimes i feel like maybe speaking to another girl this much is wrong and inappropriate, my girlfriend knows about her as i have mentioned her but she doesn't know that we speak this often not because i'm hiding it or anything it's just that we text so it's not like she calls when i'm with my girlfriend or anything and my girlfriend doesn't search my phone etc. Also the girl doesn't know i have got a girlfriend it hasn't come up in conversation yet so i'm not going to be like by the way i have a girlfriend. Is it fine to be friends like this with a girl in a relationship my friends say it's healthy what do you guys think, she's really cool and i think she is a good friend


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  • Okay this situation is weird why are you back with your ex? If your dating someone talking to someone else is highly inappropriate, because if what you say is true that she likes you your going to raise her spirits high and then when she finds out your dating somebody she's going to be heartbroken. Either break up with your ex. and talk to the girl OR stay with your ex, and avoid the girl. I highly suggest you break up with your ex because long distance just doesn't work. Start over meet new people, because honestly I don't see a future with you and your ex. Although this new girl, she may very well be the one.

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    • Of course, sorry for not picking it sooner your answer was very insighful and helpful.

      In the end we broke up and i am speaking to the other girl not sure yet if i'm going to pursue her but we are just speaking as friends really at the moment.

      Thanks a lot !

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  • It is COMPLETELY fine to be friends with a girl while you are in a relationship and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise. I would recommend finding a way to tell this girl you have a girlfriend, just so she knows where she stands with you. Like next time she texts asking what's up say your texting your gf. Trust me. Your friend will appreciate knowing, in case she does have interest in you. But no, you're entitled to have girls that are friends. Don't worry about it.

  • That's not good, she needs a variety of friends or else you'll be her only guy friend

    I think it's good to have friends of the opposite sex but maybe stay away from singles because they might be flirty to everyone

    If you are naturally a talkative person then of course you'll talk to all different types of people

  • Just make sure it won't develop into something else.


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