Ex mad that I need space after breakup?

Me and my bf broke up 2 weeks ago and we decided to try to be friends. However, I have been having a harder time with the breakup than expected and I've told him that. I've pulled away and told him I need time to heal and he's getting mad at me that I don't want to see him right now and that I "changed my tune".

Is he being selfish or am I?


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  • Sorry, but who cares? He's your ex.

    You're going to need to distance yourself from him if you're going to get over the breakup. He might not like it, but guess what? It's not all about HIM.


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  • He is being selfish. Do what you feel you need to do. If he wanted to be around you or with you, he wouldn't have broken up with you. Good luck.


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  • he's the one being selfish, everyone needs their space.


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