Does my ex miss me as much as I miss her?

It's only been a day since I decided to give my ex space because I really pissed her off these last two days and she hasn't even messaged or call me either. Does she miss me as much as I miss her? She told me she hated me yesterday and didn't want to talk to me ever again. Said she didn't love me anymore and so on. I don't know if she really meant it or not (she's really mad at me).

She also told me not to contact her, if she wanted to talk to me she would contact me and so on..
If it helps any, she told me the day before that she still loved me but just needed space because she was really mad at me for something else and just needed it, I guess.


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  • To me it sounds like she wants to be left alone. If she wants to talk to you, she'll contact you.


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  • Omg I literally just dealt with the same thing from this guy and I've been wondering if he really meant it or is it purely out of anger but he does in fact want to move on I'm so confused!

    • I really hope she doesn't really want to leave because I feel like we have so much we haven't had the opportunity to do.

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    • Feel free to message me

    • What did he say when you contacted him? I'm so afraid to bother her because I REALLY pissed her off by coming over unannounced and knocking loudly (didn't realize how loud I was). She cursed me out, badly.

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  • Yes. I think so,
    But what can you do? Just waiting for her to reach back to you while you date another girls or continue with your personal lives.

  • She probably does miss you.


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