Is there really a tactic to getting your ex back?

Or is it all a crock of shit? (Excuse my language) not manipulating but helping realize how perfect we are for one another

**dont be rude**


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  • We need more information, such as why you broke up.

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    • Lol think I'll give it time

    • Lol fair enough, and probably not a bad strategy in this case. Thank you for MHO, and good luck :).

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  • So he already broke up with you twice and you wanna get back with him for third? Lol, Well "Babe I miss you" would be ok enough for this.

  • I have never known a girl to change her mind, it takes forever for them to actually make it up but they never ever go back.

    • Lol i usually don't go back but it's just something different about him and what we have. Just fear I've pushed him into the arms of not one but multiple girls with a hard heart ):

    • I'm sure you did

    • Well thanks lol

What Girls Said 1

  • I think it kind of depends on the situation. If the guy broke it off then chances are, he won't want to get back together.. but I guess the main thing is to just be straight forward.. At least that's what I've done in the past after I brokeup with my boyfriend and it worked.

    • He did the last time and came back and he did this time, I hope he comes back to show things are different!

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