Okay is it weird If I find my ex-girlfriend's best friend attractive and sort of wanting to pursue her?

My and my ex have been broken up for almost 2 years. I met this really pretty girl in college but what I didn't realize was that she is the current best friend of my ex. I thought she was cute, laughs etc when we talk.

Is it wrong to pursue this?

( I have moved on, I m not looking for revenge, I am also worried about this girl's friendship with my ex. I kinda don't wanna ruin it for them. and I am a 100% my ex has talked negatively about of me. But I am different and grown individual now and I'am sure thats what she saw. I'm seriously genuine about this. I do want to be is happy and want to see if this is worth pursuing?)

If yes please state as to why and why it could work? ( please share your experiences etc.

Same thing goes for no. I also need to see the downside of pursuing something like this. Please help!


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  • A friend of mine had the same story and he gathered the guts and asked the new girl out. In his case, unfortunately, the result was pretty bad. The new girl said "No", even though she liked my friend just because she didn't want to upset his ex, her best friend. Yet, the friendship between the girls was ruined.

    On the other hand, my ex boyfriend asked a friend of mine out. And the three of us are doing great! They're a happy couple, I'm happy in my single life, the three of us hang out together. We're doing great! That's because I have moved on from my ex, he's just a friend now, I don't really care who he dates.

    So, if you pursue this, chances are, the result can be both, good or bad. It all depends on your ex. If she has moved on, it should all be fine, but if she hasn't, then brace yourself! Before asking this girl out, just make sure if this is okay with your ex.


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  • Slim shady

  • I would say after 2 years it's okay. Be understanding if it doesn't work out because she is friends. But your ex should also, if the girl likes you be understanding and want her to be happy. Best of luck.


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