Broke down and emailed my ex girlfriend then stopped myself and apologized then she called why did she even bother?

going to make this short my ex broke up with me after an argument asking for space to figure if she loves me. After I broke down and did everything you can do wrong after a breakup for a month. She seemed to be with someone and when I went to get my belongings the new guy was at the house so I went into a jealous rage and said some hurtful things. She text me saying that she is not with him and is just friends also saying she doesn't want to be with anyone. But i know she is with him cuz she will call me in his phone.So I just let it go then a month of no contact I broke down and emailed her saying I missed her and want her back. Then later that day I realized I did something I was working so hard not to do so I emailed her saying that I am sorry i did what I did and that I need to stop myself before I become what I didn't want to be and corrected myself. Later that I night I get a call from her telling me to stop emailing her I'm guessing she didn't read the last messages I sent so I said I understand and hanged up. I feel like I handled it well and I'm going to keep doing the right thing from now on. I just want to know why didn't she just simply ignore me instead of taking the time to call me?
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  • I guess she thought it would be best for you to hear it from her on the phone because she didn't want to text you or see you in person thats my guess and she's probably in a relationship right now i can see her coming back to you if she really had no place to go like no one was talking to her or she's going threw a lot make sure when that time does come you be there as a friend and leave it as that. She is probably still hurt by what happened the best thing to do is allow yourself to heal from your guys break up hang out with friends meet new people and move on like she did when she wants to talk she will come back thats up to you weather or not you want to talk to her

    • The reason for the argument is cuz a month before we broke up she was telling me how she missed her ex which I understand I looked past it but as it continued that's when it started bothering me I was holding it in and the night we broke up the flood gates opened up and I let it all out. What I don't get is why say she misses her ex tells me she still has feelings for me and cares but then moves onto another guy?

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    • It wasn't just her it was also me I shouldve given the space she asked for and shouldn't have showed that ugly side of me. I got called crazy, insane, lunatic, creeper, stalker, and an asshole and I believe I was I let my emotions get the best of me and pushed someone who was precious to me and I will never see the youngin that I grew so attached too. It hurts but it's something I just gotta get past to better mmyself for the next person or maybe even her.

    • true your a good guy things will work out for you hun and people do change so hopefully she realize it because if she doesn't someone else will hun

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