Ex Boyfriend sending mixed signals.What is really going on in his mind?(sorry for the long description but I think all the details are necessary)

My ex boyfriend called me drunk about a month ago saying he missed me and that he wanted to see me. I told him that I would prefer that we do all of that when we were both sober. 2 weeks later we still hadn't spoken and I texted him sayin wtf and he avoided the whole "i miss you part" and just apologized for calling drunk. Last week he texted me saying "sorry you're right Im not really that sorry for calling you drunk, and I do miss you". This was on a Sunday. So we decided that we would meet up on Wednesday but we never set a time. So Wednesday comes and at 4pm I texted him and I said "Is 7pm good for you?". He didn't respond until 8:30 saying "sorry for the late reply". I had gone out with my friends since he never responded and after a few beers I got liquid courage and I said "You really are a trip lol" And he responded "Its not even like that. Something came up today"

So Im just confused. If something came up why couldnt he have said that? And he was the one who drunk called me and said he missed me. So I just dont know where and how to take this right now..


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  • He got drunkenly nostalgic and called you and then maybe hoped you'd forget it. You have blinked three times and called him back after long spells not hearing from him. Look at your options for other male friends. Consider yourself open to new friends and do not consider this dude relationship material. Maybe you can use him when you need something in future, but don't count on it because he has shown he is an unreliable person.

    When anyone experiences sudden change from a comfortable or routine situation, anxiety follows as one adapts to the new status quo. These abrupt changes occur periodically in everyone's life. Your new situation is this dude is out of your hair. To repeat, he is not reliable, so do not rely on him for emotional support during your newly unattached status. Now is the time to reflect on your past and to consider how you can make your future better than the past.


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