Ex-boyfriend problems? What is he trying to do?

So me and my ex broke up a month ago because he got feelings for his childhood best friend. Theyve been fighting a lot and she's been hurting him and they aren't even dating yet. Me and him are best friends only unfortunately, so I've been helping them stop fighting only to make him happy. Lately he's been texting me a lot more and always wants to know who im hanging out with and who the guys are that i talk to. I asked why he cares and he says its because im his best friend and hr doesn't want something bad to happen to me. I asked him for advice about a friend that asked me out. He demanded to know who it was and when i wouldn't tell him he said "So you wouldn't care if *girl* asked me out?" so its got me wondering, is he really just being a friend or is it something else?


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  • he's jealous congratulations haha he likes you and wants to be more then friends with you or he would of never freaked out about the guy your talking to it seems you helping him has made him attached to you thats cute i would remain close to him and try to form a relationship with him by staying close and helping him out and sticking by his side whatever you doing is working so keep it up try hanging out with him more if you can


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