Why can't I get over my Ex bf visiting massage parlors?

OK, since i discovered that my then BF was getting handjobs at massage parlors and was showered by those Asian girls i got constant imaginations about him getting washed and jerked off...

I know this sounds weird but i can't get over it, i tried having sex with other guys... but it doesn't help.

Usually i forget if it's just kissing or making out..

But now i think its been several weeks and massage parlors are still on my mind, i can't get over it

I have not been in such situation yet. It's not that i have any feeling for him or anything like that...

I just don't get how he didn't consider it cheating at all, something that i consider more intimate than actual sex. I don't get it, any tips on how to get over it?


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  • Was this the only problem in your relationship?

    Not suggesting you get over it, rather I one it hard to believe he was that thoughtful and caring beyond this.

    • Yeah, we have been good, but he didn't find it cheating, i did, i got revenge on him and we broke up

      But that was long time ago...i forgot about him but i still can't get over the service he got..

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    • That just makes it even worse for me because he is not feeling guilty about it and is probably still doing it... If he would feel guilt then it would make me feel better i guess.

    • I'm sure he is and always will be.

      It has nothing to do with you.

      In fact i would guess its in spite of you.

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  • I don't know . Maybe you should go to one? ;-) I've never been but I can't see it being more intimate than actual sex. You are paying someone to touch you. Not very intimate to me - more like getting a haircut. I don't find that sexy.

    However, I can see the attraction of the Asian girls.. That part would turn me on.

  • You consider a hand job more intimate than actual sex?

    • Yes, i consider visual and physical contact way more intimate...

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    • Do you know how people are massaged at legit places? they never expose your penis or vagina to you, yes they can massage your backside, but they have a method on how to do that. They don't get to see your genitals at all. At the massage parlors that my ex visited, its totally different.

      If that would happen as you say, i guess i wouldn't be too angry with him, i definitely would not break up with him.

    • Okay, so maybe just give him that ground rule. Tell him you're cool with him going to this place but the girls can only massage him naked and he can jack off while getting massaged.

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