Opinions needed urgently please help a confused teen?

Me and my bf haven't been 'right' for a while and today we had a massive fight bc of me tell my bestie about it and she spoke to him in her way and he got angry at her so i had a go at him then he did the im going to kill myselfno one wants me here speak and the last message he sent me was-im going to go for a bit. I need to take a long look at myself and think thinhs through. Love you.
Does that mean were broken up? I won't talk to me amd hasn't been on whatsapp since he sent that, I don't know what to do/think guys what does that mean to you? Girls what should i do?
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  • how old is he lol.. :)

    • I don't know bout the break up tbh but he used to say her and her sister turned into bitches after it and at school yea he doesn't kiss her but he says he's got peer mentoring stuff to do at lunch and if my friend wants to walk around the quad we normally see him hanging out with her, yes he calls her fuck face but on tha last day of school at lunch they seemed too close he was talking to her after walking away from me and hugged her to get her to go away and seemed like he didn't want to hug me

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  • Part of me thinks he's being over dramatic and manipulative... also kind of selfish. No one should be put in that situation (you) of being blamed or threatened with him taking his own life. That is not okay.

    Its not okay to take that lightly either. Obviously I don't know the kid but when I was in high school a close friend of mine took his own life. Never hinted that a thing was wrong and one day he was just gone. It was probably one of the most shocking and devastating moments of my own life.

    So if he isn't being serious about having these thoughts for whatever reason, I think he really needs to knock it off, its not the way to get attention and its just not okay. People everywhere are really dealing with serious things in their life or real thoughts about ending their life, it shouldn't be taken lightly.

    If he's seriously contemplating it, you NEED to tell someone about what he says. Tell his parents, tell someone who can be there for him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

    Like I said, he may be over dramatic and saying these things for petty reasons. If he has depression or its something serious he needs help. That trumps any drama going on in your relationship right now.

    I don't think you want my honest opinion on your relationship but I'll give it anyway. Its going to end one way or another if it hasn't already.
    You both are young and you're going to grow up a lot in the next few years. You'll learn more about yourself and what you want in your life. You will meet new people.

    Right now I assume one of two scenarios...

    1) He's being over dramatic and manipulative to get sympathy out of you. That's not a healthy relationship and you should leave it if it doesn't stop.


    2) He has serious things he needs to work out on his own before he can be in a healthy relationship. You could obviously stay and support him, he'll need the support. But remember that he needs help first.

    • Ik your honest opinion is true and ik how your friend felt, ik he's joking but it makes me scared he's not talking, I've been close to it before amd was today (my horse is useful sometimes) i just wish we were like we were went we started going out it all started going wrong when his ex started getting involved, she told him she loved him he said it too assuming as a friend (thats what he said anyway) and h seems closer with her than me now and i wouldn't put it past him to cheat tbh i just seriously dk what to do about it

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    • It went as far as it could go. Its just a growing experience and you will be okay no matter what happens. There will be more guys, there will be more heartbreak... its what everyone goes through. But you'll be okay and you'll be wiser at the end of it all.

    • I can't talk to him he's not reading my msgs and i won't get to see him at this rate untill we go back after Easter

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  • Yea, that is pretty much a break up you should just move on.

  • yes if a break my friend had the same problem you just keep going and you do not get recesses


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