Guys if your ex almost had you child, but lost it would you still want to know if this girl could have had your baby?

Hey, you might remember me from earlier this week. My friend did a stupid thing by going out with my ex. I am doing all my will to not say (in this case text) anything to them. I want to tell him what he is doing is not right. I don't know what I did to make him do this. I keep getting this cold chill and I don't know what it means. please I need someone help. :..(
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  • yes i would think any guy would wanna know if a girl had his child and lost it either way that's his child he has rights just like you do and i would tell him because that's the right thing to do but if its your friends child and she had it with your ex then that's her responsibility to tell him not yours if that's the case i would stay out of it then

    • I don't know how to tell him.

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    • :..) Thank You.

    • your welcome:) have a good day !

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