Can I trust that she will avoid seeing me the way I avoided seeing her?

Apologies if you've seen this story before. She was an old coworker that I ultimately had feelings for her. She may have been interested at one point, but not in the long run and was only seeking attention from me. I made clear my interest a couple times, she never reciprocated but never backed off. I quit because I wrote her a letter were I made the assumption that she was interested, but said I couldn't be with her because of personal problems. She didn't like that and wanted me to stay away from her.

So after quitting the workplace I was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone at this workplace was supportive and I visited but always avoided seeing her. She left for another job recently and so I'm going back to work there to try to get back to a normal life. I was very careful to not run into her whenever I visited, can I expect her to do the same? Last time we talked via text, I apologized, and she was appreciative, but I don't want to see her and I assume the same from her. She does have a sibling working there and we're all a tight knit group, socially, so I'm a bit worried that I'll have to deal with running into her.


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  • You can't control what she does, but I would say she probably will avoid you as things are awkward now. If you do bump into her just be distant abd professional shell get the message.

  • I think you should stop lamenting on this situation. Maybe she will try to avoid you, maybe not. The point is, both of you should move past this situation at this point. Its REALLY not as serious as you're making it out to be. You're returning to work, so you beat the cancer right? Its time to celebrate! Worrying about this situation STILL is a waste of time and energy. You apologized to her. She accepted it. Move on and leave it at that. If you see her, be cordial. There shouldn't really be any bad blood between the two of you at this point. Good luck.


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