Why is it ok for guys to cheat but girls can't?

I wonder why when a guy cheats he expects to be forgiven or excused for cheating but if his girl turns around and cheats he goes ape shit.

I notice this happens on TV too. Don Draper can cheat but if his wife does oh boy. Or on Scandal with the president cheating on his wife but then doesn't want his wife having sex with another man.

School a sistah! Please!


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  • because women were sold as property, from their father to their husband, and since that means they were objects-you can have several lamps. this stayed with us, like most traditions.

    • that's a lovely explanation for many, many scenarios. Women don't gain self respect because they're treated like objects to prize and protect, not people who need to learn to prize and protect themselves. So if a women without self respect is cheated on, she will blame herself or even believe she has no better options than the man she's with, especially because that other woman obviously wanted him.

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  • Morally I think it's the same, and I think most people would agree

    However you are correct that traditionally people worried more about women cheating.

    The reason is almost certainly that the risks are different.

    Traditionally if a man cheated and produced kids, well there were some bastards running around. It was a little embarrassing but didn't actually impact the woman or her own children who would still receive the bulk of her husbands financial contributions.

    On the other hand if a cheating woman got pregnant, the husband would end up raising another mans children in stead of his own.

    I honestly do suspect men emotionally are more jealous around sex then women in a relationship. Guys don't care that much if they casually sleep with some girl who sleeps with lots of men but if they are in a relationship they care a lot. Likely because men evolved to fall in love with women because it helped their children succeed. But it's only helping the mans children if his partner is faithful.

  • Are you in support of cheating?
    Okay, what if i ask you that...why is okay for guys to rape women but girls can't? Felt little odd?
    Look, nothing goes of man if he sleeps around with 100 women. Nature has created men that way. Men don't suffer from cheating, but women does! She has to protect her dignity. She cannot let any guys or men to touch her body. Because a women has her dignity values. She cannot let any guy to treat her like a sex object. Am i right?

    • Rape is wrong no matter who does it. In the middle east women are stoned for cheating or being raped but men can go free!

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    • I am not so sure we are different if we say we are the land of the free but won't pay women the same as men. Or allow them to have the choice to marry who they want. We may say the other culture is shit but for a democracy we are pretty messed up too.

    • You belong to the nation called united states. western people are one of most liberal minded society plus with most friendly women who have equal rights in society.
      Women are indeed doing whatever they want to do in their life?
      Are you middle eastern girl?

  • Simple.

    Women often put up with being cheated on, stood up, etc. It's ridiculous, but women eat that behavior up. They end up saying things like, "But he's really a great guy/maybe I was at fault/you don't know him like I do!"

    Men get that behavior, have a smart response and go, "The hell with this!"

    • yep, this is so sad but true :/ women need to be taught to respect themselves first and foremost.

    • there's so many examples most people know of, it's insane. My own 18 year old sister was dating a scumbag (we all told her he was trash) and she kept dating him, told my mom after a four months "he's a good man, you're going to have to meet him sooner or later." Two weeks later, she broke up with him and it came out he had been smacking her around for weeks when she told my mom how "he's a good man."

    • Western women don't seem to respect their own dignity.

  • I know and we can have as much sex as we want and not get labeled as sluts. It's awesome. It's great to be a guy

  • I don't know what kind of people you hang with, but it's not ok for anybody to cheat (guys OR girls).

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  • I don't think it's ok either way. It's a really weird double standard. I think some guys like feeling like they can own a girl if they can get away with it. I think some do it for attention like it boost their ego maybe they have some self issues and having more then one girl after them makes them feel better about themselves

  • It isn't even okay for men to cheat. For goodness sake some women through frying pans at their cheating husbands and then all of her friends hate him too


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