Did he realize his mistake or is it a trap?

- broke up 4 months ago b/c of a huge argument over how he didn't want to try and fix things
- he dated soon after and many people said he never cared for me at all in the first place if he just left me out of the blue (hard to swallow I never believed it)
- I never stopped loving him I just thought he needed space because I'm his first
- I never thought it was serious with her because he never changed his Facebook status, never took down pictures of us, and posted on a website he barely used of them
- My friend said that they broke up
- That was a week ago and now he texted me he needs to talk to me ASAP I asked about what and he said "us"
I don't know how I should feel exactly. I love him I do but I'm afraid of what he will say to me. We broke off communication after the argument I left off social media and just got facts from my friends who like to torment me about him.


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  • He probably does love u bc u were his first. But the fact that he moved on so quickly makes me wonder if he was dating this girl on the side b4 he left u. That would explain why he didn't care to work on things and "fix" ur relationship. He might've thought the grass was going to be greener and realized that it wasn't and that he didn't developed the same feelings he had for u, with her. Don't listen to anything anybody has to say about him. It's all here say, they have no idea what's going on in a relationship between him and another girl. He could still be with her and looking to patch things up with u b4 he's certain that he's going to dump her. Which leads me to my next observation---> DO NOT let him fool u back into a relationship when he says he wants to talk about "us". He's playing on ur emotions for him. Don't be so quick to assume he's done with her or any other female and wants u back, only for the simple fact that he was quick to leave u over a stupid fight. His lack of communication, care and compassion is what ultimately caused him to NOT care about u! If u do talk to him DO NOT be so quick to forgive and definitely DON'T forgive and rekindle the relationship if he can't prove that things are going to be different. IMHO u shouldn't be quick to get back together if that's what he's referring to when he says he wants to talk about us, and it probably is. He's got a lot of explaining to do before u should want to change ur mind. One thing u can count on Ur friends for is an objective view on the issues of ur relationship with ur ex. They see things totally different than u do bc they were not blinded by love. Take them into consideration b4 u fall back down that rabbit hole. IF u decide to forgive & get back with him make sure u watch for signs of failing, and always try to communicate with one another. As a matter of fact that should be the only terms u get back with him on. That he needs to communicate better.
    Best of luck hun.


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  • Give him a chance to tell you what he feels. If he's going to throw the ball in your court dont make decisions right then and there. Since you love him hear him out. Make your mind up now if you would give him a second chance. Either way make him work for it.


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