How can I help him get over her?

I know the person needs to get over a person by themselves but how can I help. I do have a crush on him but I am not doing this for selfish reason. He is a good friend and I do want to help him. It was an 11 year relationship which ended because she moved away to another country and there is talk about me and him getting engaged between our family. Which we are both aware of and ok with but I do not want to get engaged to someone who is stuck to his past, so how can I help. Time heals but is there something I could do to help. Also, what do guys really look for in another girl after a breakup and what do they not look for. Not your rebound but another relationship.
This recently happen like a month ago. So please don't answer run or leave him. People deal with break up in different ways and I am not jumping it a relationship with right away but as a friend I want to help and also that we are most likely going
to have a relationship in the future


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  • Eventually everything will be okay. Never push but always be there. He'll ask for help when he wants it or needs it. And remember eventually everything will be okay. If you just have to say something say that.


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  • You can start by finding someone who is not hung up on an Ex. Respect yourself.


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  • He will get over her once he's finds someone who can give him the same feelings she did


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