Recent break up but I have feelings for someone else, what should I do?

We literally broke up a few days ago. A part of me has feelings for someone else, my friend who I was involved with before my relationship. I never saw him as a platonic friend and always been a little more between us.
My relationship failed for many reasons but definitely because I wasn't 100% emotional involved.
Should I pursue my friend right away or wait a little?


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  • Does the friend know about the break up? How did he react to you dating someone else in the first place?

    • he knew about it, he was pretty upset about it, it almost ended our friendship but we worked through things and he's also gone on a few dates and saw other people.

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  • I think you should approach your friend when YOU feel ready to. You already know why your relationship failed, so move on when you want to. Good luck.


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  • go for him girl! but try the field first, you may win a bf, but if that relationship doesn't work, you may lose a friend.


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