Should I briefly break no contact with my ex?

My boyfriend broke up with me two days ago and very horribly. He said he wanted to stay friends, but I told him I couldn't, wished him luck and said good-bye. I have unfriended him on Facebook and deleted his number/all our texts off my phone. Today, he texted me asking me for his school ID back, because he needs it to pick up his graduation tickets. He said he knows I won't want to see him so he told me an office at school I could leave it at but to "let him know". Of course, I will take it to the office but I really do not want to respond to him. I already deleted the text but I am sure he will text again. Is it petty of me to not respond in this situation? I am trying really hard to do No Contact, so that I can move on, and I have been extremely emotional for the past two days. I am worried he will try to start a conversation if I respond. I'm also worried he won't try to start a conversation, since I still miss him :/ What do I do?


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