When leaving, do I just do it, or do it with a message?

Leaving my boyfriend. I have a dresser and a mattress/box sprint. Unable to obtain a truck in the next couple of days, but really not in dying need of them. Dresser is missing a drawer and paneling is breaking off. Bed is a full size. Box spring is far too noisy and might have a broken spot. I want to just move my clothes and end table. Friend is telling me to take it all at a later time to send a message.

I had a moment of weakness and looked through boyfriend's cell. He has a video of him and a female being intimate. This female is his soon-to-be ex wife. He claims that his video was sent to him and he foolishly saved it (it is him holding the phone). Going by the chronological order, it was "saved" the same day he was over her house watching kids. Coincidence. And while we were split a month ago, he claims that is when the video is made. Either way, they are chummy enough to make that video, if not him receive it from her.
Message as in take ALL of my things, including my furniture.


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  • take the stuff you really want to keep then send the message or tell him if you want to, if you break up first you might not be able to get back and take your stuff if he decides to be childish about it.

  • Just take all the belongings and leave if i were you. i won't leave any message


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