Cut things off with girl because of mixed signals?

So I was seeing this girl for a month. We even went abroad for a couple of days last week and everything was great.

Over the course of the time I noticed she was getting more affectionate and just little things like her putting her birthday on my calendar or public displays of affection.

Seeing as it's my birthday in a couple of weeks i thought it would be a nice gesture to invite her to the pub with my friends.
She declined and said it was too soon to be meeting friends but i only asked because i read her as being more invested in us.
I'm not a complete idiot, I am very aware of when someone likes me that much.
Any way to cut it short, I pointed out while we were messaging yesterday that she had been off and finally had the talk about where this was going for both of us.

She wanted to carry on seeing me but she enjoys her single life too much and her last boyfriend was very controlling to the end. I get it and i've been in that mind frame before so i just broke it off (very nicely) and told her it wasn't a good idea to keep seeing her as my feelings would just get stronger and would just make it worse when we had the same conversation 2 months down the line.

I know it was the right thing to do as i haven't felt this strongly about someone in over 5 years. I am just protecting my feelings, but i just can't help but be a little annoyed at the fact she gave me such strong signals of how much she liked me.

Any opinions on the matter are more than welcome. I really just needed to vent a little :D


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  • This sounds all to familiar. So familiar it's kind of scary. Well I think you did the right thing but that's my opinion. All you can do now is let go and move on. Good luck man

    • Yeah I know I did the right thing. It just sucks that she was the one making indications about us getting
      More serious (writing her birthday on my Calander, saying we should go away together). I honestly wouldn't have let my
      Guard down if I wasn't sure she felt the same way. Why do girls even play games like this :(

    • I know I think it's stupid we'll pathetic when someone does that. I had a guy do that to me and I ended up feeling used...

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