My boyfriend wants to move on but I want him back?

Hi guys, so basically I have been in a long distance relationship for the past 4 years. Me and my bf have spoke every single day, we love each other to death. He visited me every 3 months.
But things started changing, I had a lot of personal problems, grandad got diagnosed with cancer etc etc so I became quite difficult. Also, he got busy so he had not time for me etc.
Now he wants to leave me :( but I love him sooooo much, can't even put it into words. He loves me too but he says he feels he is ready to go on. Before when I spoke about breaking up...he wouldn't let me...he wasn't "ready" now he feels ready but I am not! He wouldn't understand.

I wanted him to at least phone me to explain why but he refuses. I think he is scared that I will convince him not to so he avoids any physical contact.

I am quite desperate to have him back so I made this animated video about me and him. It's really cute...includes reasons why I love him and has our favourite music etc.

But I really wanna know what he would think of it before sending it to him. What do you guys think?

Also, I wanted to go and visit him but he kept on saying don't come...I am busy and I am not ready. What does that mean?

Thank you all in advance! x

P.S. He is quite mature, 28 years old
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  • Without his reasoning this is difficult. My guess is he wants a stable life now; the problem is that the demand to move to his tempo is a bad sign. Loving our not he should not have that much power.

    • Yeh all he says is that he has changed. He apologised but it's not enough for me. I need to know what has changed, how, why etc etc. He just isn't willing to talk about it.

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    • Thank you so you much for your time unfotunatemale!

    • Thank yourself. I've done nothing.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If this is only about the animated video send it, I don't think there is any harm in that

    • If its about getting him back. I don't think you should try, you've been I in a long distance relationship for 4 years, that can be hard, and most times people want their SO to be in the same area, they are, and he is telling don't come and that he isn't ready to talk about it

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    • He wouldn't have said it once we moved together. I just think he is going through a phase. He still loves me I know but all this distance has made him forget me. I need to see him to make him realise his feelings.

    • You should go with what he is telling you, not what you want him to think.

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What Guys Said 1

  • whats the reason he is giving for break up..

    he is getting married or he did'nt love you anymore.. ?

    • He just says he has changed. He said he doesn't feel the same about me anymore but he still loves me and he still misses me but he just wants to move on. I am so confused with his mixed signals to be honest. Maybe I should go and visit him in person but then I have never been to his country and I don't know anyone there

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    • I wish he wanted that! He wants to leave me

    • ask him about it.. ?

What Girls Said 1

  • don't send it. It's creepy. If you feel obligated to send it, ask if he would like to see it first. Also, just stop talking to him. You need to let him go. The sooner you do that the easier it will be. If you two are meant to be together he will find you again.


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