Do guys let themselves go after a breakup?

My ex and I broke up a year ago. We had a really good relationship, but he's 3 years younger than me, and this was his first he got really scared of committing and had to breakup all of a sudden. I believe this is the real reason for sure.

Anyway, so we worked together and saw each other all the time. I finally changed jobs for the last 3 months, so haven't seen him in a while. The other day, he dropped by for a few minutes to a friends bday. He's changed a lot! Like he let his hair grow out really long, and has gotten really scruffy looking...maybe even a little chubby.

Do guys just let themselves go when they get some freedom? Have any of you guys ever done that? Just curious.


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  • I dont think guys necessarily let themselves go after a really depends on the person. Also, you seeing him in that state could have been what he WANTS to look like, or maybe there is something else going on. The point is, I dont think you should assume anything in regards to his appearance because it likely has nothing to do with you or the breakup. Guys can have hot mess days just like girls.


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