How do you deal with a postbreakup friend?

Your friend just got dumped.
You guys aren't that close.
And when you are hanging out all he does is complain about their ex.

The complaining makes me uncomfortable. I accidentally slipped a " Nobody wants to hear that."
I know, worst friend over.

I don't know how to make a guy feel better.
I mean what can I do?


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  • Its obvious your friend just needs someone to talk to, maybe he doesn't have that right now. I would be a good friend, listen for a bit, then at a certain point, the complaining would have to stop. I would give him advice, but he continues to complain, I would be forced to straight up tell him how uncomfortable he is making me feel. I would let him know that I enjoy his company, is difficult to constantly hear him talk about the breakup...ALL of the time. I think by being honest, he will get the picture for sure and think twice before he brings up the topic.

    But its clear he is still hurting from the situation.


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