Had an affair. It's over, but I'm left devastated.?

We met when we were both married; we agreed we would walk away from our marriages. I did; he didn't. He says it's cause of his kids. He had told me he had stopped sleeping with wife two years ago when we got serious. Two weeks ago he admitted having had sex with her 2 months ago. I became very upset and told him he had to choose; It wasn't right for him to be in two relationships. At the end, he told me he wasn't picking, but the time was not right for him. He was going to leave it up to me. I told him that he was in fact choosing even though he said he wasn't. Not choosing was in fact making a choice. I told him I couldn't do this anymore; it was over. The next day, I posted a status on Facebook and he commented with a laughing emoji; I responded to his comment with shocked emoji. That's I would normally respond joking around. He thought I didn't want him to respond. He messaged me asking me that if I didn't want him to respond on my statuses, maybe I should delete him. I explained I didn't mean anything bad; that's how I would normally respond to his comments. He never spoke to me or commented on any of my posts again. A week ago, I sent him a message asking if we could be friends after everything we had meant to each other. I didn't hate him or wasn't angry at him. He responded saying, "ok" A few hours later, he messages saying that he missed me but that I should stay away from him. I deserved someone who could give me the relationship I deserved, and that maybe I should even return to me ex-husband; maybe he had changed. I told him I would leave him along as he requested and I would move on with my life. Then he began commenting "True words, Yep, or Agree" on other people's posts about things like, not being appreciated by the one you love, looking for someone to accept you with baggage, finding someone who can love you freely. I'm upset that he's acting life the victim here. Trying to move on but it's hard. Need advice.


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  • When cheaters meet, what do they do? Exactly. You got it.


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  • Ouch. Can't say I feel bad for you, not even a little bit. You cheated on your husband, this is karma maybe? Everyone experiences heartache, it sucks. Time is the healer.


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  • Do you really think he could have leave his kids behind? Its not love. Its lust that is holding you both on.


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