Which of the following do you consider worse in relationships?

Just wondering...which would be worst for you if your partner would commit the below actions?
  • Kissing someone other than your significant other
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  • Getting a naked massage with happy ending
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  • Getting a lapdance
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  • B without a doubt

    • Surprised! most people told me they could get over their SO being fondled by someone but not if they would kiss them.

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    • It seems to me that a lot of younger (than me) people seem to think oral sex is really no big deal. That a girl will say she's a virgin until she gets married but will blow any guy. It boggles the mind

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  • B is the worst. A isn't that far behind. Both are deal-breakers for me.

    C isn't something I'd love, but if it was at a bachelorette party or something dumb like that, then I wouldn't really care so long as that was the only contact.

  • They're all bad, but getting a naked massage with a "happy ending" takes it the furthest.


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