Broke it off with my girlfriend. She won't leave me alone?

I started to date this girl a week ago and she calls me love and stuff. I don't mind it since this is her first relationship and stuff... The 1st day she accused me of being a player without hearing me out but what her friends said. I told her she should talk to me before she starts making actions and assumptions. The 7th day of our relationship I wake up in the morning to text like why are you doing this and why are you breaking up with me. I said nothing.. I was confused myself. I deleted my Facebook because of annoying family members. I asked her why did you think that and she said someone told her... Then she said she can't stop hearing voices and I was like what... I am already afraid at this point... I called it off because her rumors and her friends might make me look like I am the bad guy. I am not... I am really nice and caring... To be honest I am afraid of this woman... she text me twice and i can't reply... I am afraid she will text back or beg me to be with her. What should I do? Just ignore it?


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  • My ex was exactly like your girlfriend, he caused drama on the first day telling me that I was a player/flirt when I left my Facebook logged in his phone. He read my messages with a guy (MY COUSIN) and a guy friend who's like my own brother whom I've known for over 10 years. He accused me of being a flirt and didn't believe me when I said the guy was my cousin.. and my guy friend is engaged.. I ended our relationship and his fricking family facebooks me and calls me.. I deleted my Facebook and put my phone on airplane mode..

    I was afraid, I hated the drama and wanted it to end so I was about to apologize..but I came to my senses and I got so pissed off when I thought to myself "why the fck should I apologize? Fck it, I'm not having these kinds of people bring drama into my life, I didn't cause this." So I turned my Facebook back on and let the messages roll in, and never replied. The texts he sent, eventually died down. He begged me and said sorry "I love you", but I wanted to move on, I don't want to be with a person who brings a big bag of negativity into my life.

    If you've been totally turned off by her then ignore her. Don't let a person like that play mind games with you.
    She'll learn from her mistakes, you've done nothing wrong. Do not apologize. She'll live, so you, just move on. She caused the problem, so she can resolve it on her own. She's a big girl now.

    • Thank you! This is what I needed.

    • Good luck :) don't worry about being viewed as the bad guy!!

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  • Maybe not just ignore it... there's no easy way out. She's way younger than you isn't she?

    • She's a year younger.

    • If you think there's no way to go foward, then a break up would be best.
      Just try not to be too rough on her if you do that, cheers.

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