Should I say something back to my ex bf wife?

Here is the weird story. I broke up with the guy 4 months ago. I did not talk to him first, he always texted me and wanted to see me after our break up. Recently I started to completely ignore him. Like since Friday last week I did not reply to his texts. And he got quiet. But Sunday evening I got 3 e-mails from his mailbox which are saying: This man is married, he is married to me! He is married:-(
I am confused and a little bit curious. I dated him a year and never saw any signs of him being married. He lives in my country and maybe his wife is in US, I have no idea. But how come that she hacked his mail only now? And how come nobody never called him and texted him when he was with me? And probably it could be him trolling me? But why? Get some attention?


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  • Sounds like he desperately wants your attention. Ignore him.

    • Yes, I guess he found a very silly way to talk to me again.

    • Yeah, no body likes to be ignored and he is going stir crazy since you're ignoring him. You're smart and you already know he is just bluffing. You should just block his emails if you don't wish to speak to him.

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