Break up? with lie reasons? Help!?

I was in a happy long distance relationship you know Islands apart only.Last Saturday, a usual typical evening where I usually talk with my boyfriend asking how was his day and work then suddenly he asked me some out of the world questions like If I love him, then he told me he wasn't happy anymore, He don't love me that much just like before. So just like I thought he was kidding but he really sounds serious so I started to freaked out and asking Why? what went wrong. He told me he was tempted.He don't want to cheat with with me. He was just saying few words over the phone like He was sorry and stop it. Just let me go.(after that call!) I didn't text or give a call as expected I was crying in pain.I call my my friend of course just to burst my feelings. The day after still no text or call but his Mum texted me like How am I doing? I told her I'm not good. And then eventually I told her we're over. She ask what happend, I told her just what his son told me, she wonders because he saw his son over the phone for the whole afternoon and just thought talking to me, I told her it's not me for sure her new girl you know.She assures me talk to his son because as far as she knows he loves me. In the next morning, his mum said she had talked with his son last night and denied that he has a new girlfriend and just saying that reason to me but it wasn't true. He said he was just like thinking they are poor my dad didn't like him and so my stepmom. His mom asked forgiveness and told me that maybe his son has some personal problems. Now my Question is, Are there really some guys out there who is going to make stories like he has another girl to break his girl's heart? I don't think so. And I don't want to expect anything.He ask me to let him go, and I was really hurt so bad. It's the 3rd day when he broke up with me and I'm still in the critical emotional stage. I still really think he has other girl. I need some boys perspective. Thank you


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  • Sorry to hear about the break up.Long distance dating is tough and rough.I think maybe he was being honest and didn't want to hurt you.Why would he lie? He did say that he was tempted.Meaning their could be a girl in the picture or maybe a girl he was trying to date.I think his parents really like you and they sound like they are on your side.Which is always good to have the parents like you.Maybe he might be goignthrough personal problems and he didn't want to take it out on you.I hope you guys can work this out.Even if it doesn't work out with him you can always date another guy when your ready.

    • Indeed. Why he should lie to me. yeah, I'll be fine. thank you so much. really helpful

    • Yeah your welcome. Good luck with everything.I hope things work out for you.

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