Did he really want to break up?

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me yesterday via text. I am not quite sure what set him off but he got mad that I was going to go see a movie with my family. The night before we had a discussion about how he wanted to go to UNT and I never once said that was a bad idea or put down his decision. In fact I was the opposite. Although about a month ago he said he was going to go to the community college near his house and he would just take the city bus. He does not have a car. So I did point out that if he goes to UNT, which is about an hour drive from where he lives now, then how is he going to get around without a car? He said he didn't need one but I know he would need to find a job out there. Plus I pointed out that a community college is a bit cheaper and it is closer to his home plus I would still get to see him about the same as I do now. He took that as me telling him not to follow his dream and that I was not going to support him on his decision. So yesterday he text me good morning and told me that he loved me as he usually does then after I mentioned the movie he just went off and said he was tired of me nagging him and he was done. I said nothing that even came across as nagging. So he told me that I could bring all his stuff back to him last night which I did and when I saw him I asked if this is what he really wanted and he just kept saying he ws not ready for a relationship right now. He said he still loves me and wants to be with me but can't right now. He hugged and kissed me He said he would not lose my number and that we could stay friends and I asked if there was anything I could do to salvage what we have and he said no. He seemed a little cold but yet concerned about me in a way. My family thinks he will come back within a weeks time but I don't know what to think. He had tried breaking up with me a few months ago over the phone but turned around 10 minutes later and said he couldn't break it off. Is it possible he will change his mind again
He still lives with his parents at the time being and that is how he has been getting around and I also drive him aroing as well.
He also kept saying he loved me and not to hate him over and over. Could he be unsure and is he just keeping me as an option?


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  • weird...he wants both of you to keep in touch..which indicates that he still needs you or he is unable to move on


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