If you get dumped things can't get much worse, nothing to lose what do you do?

So you get dumped for no particular reason by the person you love, you have nothing to lose as it doesn't get any worse. Do you go out on fire and do your best to try and rescue it or would you rather just crawl under a rock? I think better to go down in flames, at least you were on fire !


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  • I wouldn't fight it. By the time that person breaks up with you, they are dead set on that decision and probably was contemplating it for a while. So honestly, they won't even be able to hear your begging. Secondly, I dont believe in having to beg someone to want me. So...i just disappear and then they eventually find their way back...sometimes. And if not who cares.


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  • You always have something to lose. Your mind, for example. The use of your limbs or other skeletal muscles. Any of your senses could be lost. Your life, most importantly, could be lost at any moment.

    To suggest that you have "nothing to lose" because a girl breaks up with you makes your life seem sad and meaningless. She's just one girl in a world with 3.6 billion. Move on with it.

    • I dont mean it like that.. I mean you ain't gotta worry about pissing her off.

    • Why bother pissing her off. It's more mature and satisfactory, in my opinion, to ignore her and pretend nothing happened and move on with it. Flipping out at her just proves to her that she still weighs heavily on your feelings and makes you seem weak.

  • I don't get dumped. If I were, I'd be pissed and be highly motivated to find a hotter girl and shove it in her face.


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