Is these signs of love or something? How can I tell my boyfriend about that?

There's a policeman he's in 22 and I'm 19 years old he still student and he come to have lunch with us and i liked him and he liked me ( I have a boyfriend and i love him so much) after 2 weeks i was walking and i saw him i become happy and he forced me to ride in his car to take me but we went to a park and we were making out in the car and he wanted to have sex with me but i told him that i should leave because my father will be mad because I'm late but I'm still thinking about that and i couldn't forgot it. I always find him everywhere i go and i become mad if I didn't see him


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  • i feel you like the idea of someone giving you such attention. Love can happen and its too early to say that..

    good luck..

    • No it's not like that! I posted many questions about my problems with my boyfriend here and i didn't find the solution yet! I kissed that guy because there's a reason! I didn't mean to cheat on my boyfriend but i just i couldn't it doesn't mean that i don't love my boyfriend but it's his fault not mine!

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    • Thanks honey

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  • It's hard to tell whether it's love or not only you and him know for sure. I would though say that it's most certainly not love with your boyfriend since you could do this to him. Yes bla bla bla. Maybe you love him and so, but not enough to be faithful.

    You cannot really figure out if it's love before you commit yourself and see what happens. Right now it's probably just exciting because it's an affair.

    • I swear i care about him since we kissed each other i become sad and i hate everything if i didn't see him

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    • I meant the policeman

    • Leave you boyfriend then.

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  • I did not understand... You have a boyfriend and you made out with a policeman?

    • Yes I did that

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    • Oh God *Facepalm* Why don't you understand that you cheated on him? Can't you see how big that mistake of yours really is? You can't just cheat on someone and continue with the relationship without telling him. This relationship won't last long if you continue this considering the fact that you believe that he's controlling you and being aggressive with you.

    • My boyfriend is sick and he have problems in his heart! How i supposed to tell him that i cheated on him? He is going to die

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