He has a baby now... Should I give him another chance?

My first love and I split in a pretty bad argument during the beginning of my first year of college. My parents were never big fans of him, especially because he was the first thing I ever lied to them about. They don't think he's good enough for me.
11 ish months later he confessed that he had a two month old daughter.
I had an emotional breakdown then. I had been seeing other people, but I had never really fully gotten over him. We were best friends. We knew each other best. I sometimes wonder if that's still true. I can't remember being happier than I was when I was with him.

His daughter is going to be a year old soon. He's been a great father. He works hard and she seems like a happy baby. He wants to see me while I'm home for spring break. Should I go?


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  • I think if you get tangled up with this guy you will deny yourself some truly great experiences later on, like having your own family (that's just your family) without all the half-bro/half-sis crap and the problems that arise about spending resources and time with whoever's kids.

    I just don't think this guy is worth it. Besides, before I chose to have kids I did my damnest to prepare things and plan ahead, and I am reaping the benefits of having done that. How much planning has this guy done? Enough to father your own children?


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  • i like the guy so i said.Yes!
    Because your happy with him.
    Lets put this thing in very understandable manner..

    Let's say you buy a pig, then there's an piglet as a freebie.Winner right?

  • hell no!
    where da baby momma?


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  • Sighh.. From what you're saying, I don't think it would end well to be honest. And also, if your parents don't like him, then that's a red flag.
    But you're probably still going to go anyway :/


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