Boyfriend looking at the same girl and reacts the same? Coincidence?

My bf and I have been in a long distance relationship for 6 years now. When we were together for about 7 months there was this girl i told him not to speak to anymore cause i found out she liked him and was acting like she wanted to be friends with me. Anyways we went to a party together and she was there too and i saw him looking at her (he didn't know i saw him looking) and he immediately told me i was really beautiful and kissed me. After 1 year being together somethings happened and we had a break. During our break i found out he was texting her and asking her to come over to his house. He told me he was making fun of her (she declined his offer by the way ) because he think she's stupid and dumb. He said i could ask anyone about him and her and they would tell me there is no way he would be in to her. we got back together after a year because i was seeing someone else and he realized how much he loved me. So when we were together again for 5 and a half years i visited him and we went to a club. The SAME girl was there and i saw him looking at her and he did the exact same thing. He told me immediately that i'm really beautiful and he kissed me. IS THIS A COINCIDENCE? Does it mean something when a guy does that? Looking at someone else and then immediately telling his girl she's beautiful and kissing her? I asked him if he was looking at her and he said he didn't. I don't think he's cheating on her with me i would've have heard it by now. He lives in a small town where i know almost everyone and i hear everything he does. And she also has a boyfriend. Please let me know what you think!


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  • my guess is you guys broke u he wanted a rebound and was sad over you guys going on a break he messaged her and was flirting with her she wasn't falling for his crap she probably move on and had aleady had her eye on another guy or with another guy and he was trying to do stuff with her and she said no and he got mad and rejected and was pissed so decided to call her all these names because she wouldn't do stuff with him told his friends bad stuff about the girl and so it would seem like he wasn't doing anything wrong because of course if you would of asked his friends they would of said no he's not interested in her because he had told them bad stuff about her because she rejected him and then he does have stronger feelings for you but doesn't want to see you with another guy gets back together with you i feel your not the only girl he talks to he sounds like a flirt when it comes to his female friends he hates being rejected he loves being wanted and getting attention and when he's not getting it from you he will find a way to get it from somebody else without just talking to you he probably avoids a lot of your guys issues so you guys won't fight i do believe he has stronger feelings for you and only you but he is very into fulfilling his own needs instead of yours i don't think he had at all cheated on you but i do believe he was at a emotional state at mind when you guys broke up for a rebound and attention


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