He dumped me over the phone after a 5 year relationship!

So everything was fine and dandy, next minute I get a phone call saying it's over. I done all the things you shouldn't do, beg, cry. In general I acted like a complete idiot - that is not the sort of person I am! Anyways, he said he still loves me but just couldn't deal with any of the petty arguments and 'belittling each other'.

He wanted to meet as friends but I said I couldn't do that. We spoke and I said that I understand he feels that way but I was completely blindsided as the day before we had made plans and said we loved each other. There isn't another person on the scene, I know that he'd never do that to me and I trust him completely.

The end of the last conversation involved us talking about giving things back, I don't want my stuff from him and he didn't want anything back from me. So I thanked him for the relationship and told him I was glad that he was honest with me and that a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders now that he was honest with his feelings, I also said that I hoped we could be friends in the future. He said the same.

I'm still really confused and hurt (it only happened 11 days ago) and I told him i didn't hate him I just hate what he done to me and I didn't know if I could forgive him for ending it over the phone.

I'm so confused at what to do. I really want him back. I love him and we had a great time together, despite the arguments. We had even discussed the future etc. Is this a lost cause, should I just move on? Or should I just wait? I'm so confused.


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  • move on, if he can end a 5 year relationship over the phone like it was nothing then he's not the sort of person you really want. you're just upset and scared because its become so familiar and the change is scary and unsettling, once you get out there and find a guy who is a perfect gentle man and you get along with you'll realise a relationship full of petty arguments and a 5 year hang with only the possibility of a future was a huge waste of time compared to this real happines


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  • you might be best moving on.


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