Do you think he means what he said?

My boyfriend broke up with me on Friday . He said its because I never bonded with his kids (which I don't agree with) and that he felt physically ill with me because he was so uncomfortable when the kids and I were both around. He also said he needs someone more motherly in his kids lives even though they have a mom who they see every day. I went to all of their sporting events, bought them stuff, cooked their favorite meals...I felt things were fine.
Anyway, we talked yesterday after being apart for a couple of days. He told me once he made up his mind he won't change it. But then he tells me he loves me, he misses me, he's lonely, and he wants to cry just thinking about our breakup. But then he says nothing will change and we're not right for each other. Then he says he wants to be in my life as a friend for the rest of my life if I'll let him. Holy mixed messages! Anyway, I still love him and feel like we can work it out. Do you think there's a chance we can reconcile after taking some time apart? Or should I just accept this and move on?


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  • What you have is a friend, nothing more, so choices are limited to OK or goodbye.
    That said, over time friends can be more... or less.
    Forget the kids issue - it's forever too ethereal a topic and you'll never win as an "outsider"


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