I don't know what to do I'm just tired of it but I can't let him go?

Well my ex he means everything to me (we were never suppose to break up our parents made us..) and well we told eachother we won't ever give up on eachother and usually it's like all dovey and shit with him for a couple of days and then phe acts like if nothing happens I'm just tired of fighting for everything but I don't want to let go cause I don't want anyone else having him then he tells me that he's attached to me? What does that even mean I just really need help


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  • he's has a lot of feelings for you and can't see himself with anyone else but you and only interested in you and thats his way of letting you know he only wants you by saying he's attach to you he's pretty much committing to you and only you and do what make you guys happy because when your 18 sweetie its going to be all about you life and making your own choices and being happy you mels well put your happiness first because in life thats all thats going to matter is your happiness and making your own choices and doing whats best for you everyone in some way after 18 makes choices there parents don't approve up but in the end there happy and thats all that matters so if you like him be with him you don't always half to do what your parents want you to do im learning that still at age 19


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  • Why did your parents make you?

    • We had sex and yea I know it was early but it felt so right with him everything did

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