Why does a woman divorce her husband without a valid reason, begin a new relationship before the divorce is final?

My wife divorced me and her reasons do not fit what she says to friends and family. She has done many things that are spiteful and mean and refuses to explain. She began a new relationship within a few weeks of of our separation that has continued since our separation and continues to monitor and track my whereabouts and current relationship status. She is trying to ruin my reputation and and cause me as much pain as possible. My question is why.
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  • This answers your question nicely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2Ok2c9-zm8

    It seems to me she stopped loving you a long time ago, but it's only now that she grew a spine and came clean.

    I mean, how can she possibly ruin your reputation, when she was the one to start a new relationship a few weeks after her marriage ended. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to put two and two together.

    I suggest cutting this cunt out of your life completely and never ever speaking to her again. She chose to be an immature controlling little teenage girl, it's her problem, not yours.

    • Thanks for the response. To add some info, we were married 3 months when she filed. She tells friends and family very damaging things that aren't true like that I am a method dealer and that I abused her physical and mental. She pursues me and does a lot to get me in trouble. I don't understand her hate.

    • Err, you were married 3 MONTHS?

      I really have to question your relationship and whether it was that good. How long have you been with her before marriage?

Most Helpful Guy

  • That's rough bro. Never marry again. Date way younger :)

    • Younger women aren't attracted to me but I agree not to marry again

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  • She didn't leave you for no reason. She's been thinking about her way out for awhile now and when she met the other dude (before your relationship ended) she took that as her push off point. She's obviously not a very good person. You should know that though, you're the one chose her and married her. . .


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