Would a guy break up with his girlfriend for another girl if he wasn't even sure if the other girl liked him back?

Ok say a guy likes another girl after he starts dating his girlfriend. he feels attracted to her at least physically. Anyway would he (a 17 year old) break up with his girlfriend of 8 months if he wasn't sure the other girl liked him back? She makes eye contact and smiles at him but that's it so he doesn't know for sure how she feels but he THINKS she likes him. Is it enough for him to leave his girlfriend and ask out the other girl? Or does he need confirmation that she will say yes before he breaks up with his girlfriend?
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  • Yes, a guy would definitely do it.

    My ex, who I was with for 3 years, asked me to make a choice between her and this girl I had seriously fallen for. I chose the latter, why? Because I didn't want to end up cheating on my ex, because I knew I was going to be physical with this girl I met in 2010.

    I wasn't 100% sure she liked me, but I had a good feeling she did, and it turned out she does anyway.

    I don't regret it one bit.

    • What did she do to make you think she liked you back

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    • Ok that doesn't count. I mean if she only stares and smiles at you. She doesn't even really talk to you. Is that enough for you to leave your girlfriend?

    • It would really depend on how much I was attracted to my current GF, if I was in rough patch with her, etc... If things were heading down hill then I probably would leave her for the new girl.

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  • My boyfriend did that to me, the girl ended up having a boyfriend, he looked stupid and begged for me back for 6 months, it took me a year to forgive him and trust him again because he hid it from me, so choose wisely what you do


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  • Yes especially when theyre your age.

    • Actually I've seen a lot of guys my age be with the same girl even when a new girl they think is attractive come along like they still stay with their old gorlfriend

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    • Interesting. Do the guys you see talk to the girl? Cause I feel like they wouldn't leave their girlfriend if they don't even talk to the other girl...

    • Hard to tell lol

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