Why was my ex touching me and very odd way and why was he eavesdropping on me?

So yesterday like hour's ago at work. I was a bit confuse about my ex behavior, it's been a mind since him and I actually flirted. A lot of times I don't get us or what's going on here. He's either distance from me one minute, then next I either keep my distance from him and way from his space, he either comes and try talking to me, I'm either talking with other people and not him, or we have small tall then and there. But it has been like one crazy hell of a ride with him ugh.. with both of us I'm sure he could agree. But anyways so him and I was downstairs with the rest of are co-worker's I was folding the sheets with another co-worker and the ex just kinda of standing to the side watching and looking. So about time her Nd I was done my ex came close to me amd started a small talk with me. He wait for about 2-3 minutes and said (Oh Did You Know You Had A Hole In Your Shirt?). And I waited for one minute and said Oh.. really I do.. mm and he said yea.. and I said Oh! I didn't know I had a hole back there.And he then got closer but lower body part away from mine's. Then he just all of a sudden he took one of his and start pushing his finger against my back. He was were my bar was. But the way he was doing it like pushing against it hard and like pushing it back in forth like he was trying to drop hints like he wanted to finger me or other. And this was unusual for me and for him to do that I mean since I never know what or how he really feels about me or towards me. I mean its not just him some times I'm up and down too with him. But yesterday I went easy on him and let him know he doesn't haft to feel odd or nervous around me.So we was pretty much relax. around each other. And another thing I took note on: at the end of work he was kinda of Eavesdropping on a conversation that me and a male co-worker we both know him and I was talking because the ex walks in asking me about what was the place call this that and the 3rd. But anways why did he do what he did?


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  • I think he is just trying to figure out how to connect with you since you guys broke up. I think he feels a bit awkward. Maybe he was eavesdropping trying to find out if you were talking about him...all a part of him feeling awkward around you. But it just sounds like he is trying to be friends at least with you.


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