My boyfriend or ex boyfriend or w.e he is just mindf**ked me?

he messed up by lying to me so i was very close to leaving him. He sits on the phone with me for hours begging me not to leave him & making promises, hours later he tells me something i don't believe, now this could have been another lie or it could me being paranoid because of the trust i lost for him either way i message him the next day explaining how i still felt weird about the confirmed lie & that i felt he could be lying about some new things and that i didn't feel secure in our relationship now & that it probably won't work...granted i said this because i wanted reassurance from him which may be a little high school but it's what i needed from him. he never responded so i waited a few hours then called him, no answer. i called a few more times before he texted me saying "if im negative it isn't going to work, i tried everything" this enraged me. HE LIED TO ME! I was planning to call it quits he BEGGED me not to & since only hours had passed of course i still wasn't 100% back to normal with him. I responded to the text and told him to fuck our relationship then but i needed him to return an item to me (also a bit highschool) he responds with "ok" i call i text: "i wonder why you can text but not answer your cell...i can't believe this is how you're treating me (*cringes* SO SO highschool) you know what forget it, keep it, bye"

I then blocked his number for 24 hours then unblocked it & its been 2 days since i unblocked it, he hasn't tried to contact me in those 2 days & I don't know if he ever responded or tried to during those 24 hours & i never will...but im left feeling very...played. I feel so hurt, i am done with this relationship now, I dont have a choice...but this "end" feels so open, like im still waiting for him to say something. why did he even beg me back? im so mind fucked right now i have no idea wtf just happened & i feel like there is nothing i can do about it...because i refuse to text/call him


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  • Pretty much you have been sadly play for he didn't want you leave without on his terms. I would say it takes more than 3 days before we contact a girl why just because we do it habit it natural for us not to think about someone until the end of the day when we about go asleep and everything comes into our mind. Honestly it not him it you, you felt neglected and disagree with how things ended and yes immature how it ended but that just how some relationships are. Everyone not meant to be in one and im guy but I don't know if it just you were paranoid or he was lying but in end it waste of time. Unless you love roller coaster rides then go for it lol I won't say move on i just say find someone else replace him :3


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  • Ok move on then. Be pist, and let that anger Keep u from getting played again or call. Block his number.


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