How can i get ex girlfriend back? i really need you guys help and advice?

I'm Asian guy and she is American . We had dated for almost 3 month. We really liked each other and dated every 3 days a week. but I'm kind of jealous person, and it made her got tired of me being jealous. she didn't like me anymore because i was so mean to her and hurt her so bad. it was just different cultures between her and me. when she said i want to break up with you and this relationship is hard and stressful. but i told her give me last chance when i was with her. and she gave the chance. but she wasn't like before she talked or acting and also she said that she can't promise anything. Yesterday she said me " she can't do it anymore" even i tried to not be mean to her. she told me you're nice and you're mean. she just want to see me as a friend and she still talk to me sometimes it make me so hurt and feel sad. she is living 1 hour away from me by a car. i can't meet her in person if she doesn't want to meet me. i can you give me advice or help?


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  • Jealous boyfriends are not fun. I have been in a relationship like that and it is tiring and stressful. I would give her some time, maybe a week or two. Then try talking to her about how much you love her and tell her you know how much you hurt her and you do not want to do this. Ask her if she will hang out with you just as friends on a trial basis for awhile to give you a chance to prove to her you can control your jealousy. THIS IS not try to push her right now. If she needs space give it to her.

    • I'm so afraid of her thinks i'm just her friend..if i don't talk to her.. cuz she has a friend who was her ex.

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