I feel like crap today and I can't stop crying?

So today could've been mine and my ex bf 1year and 5months and it sucks because everything just came crashing down we were perfectly fine and it was amazing until my parents found out we had sex I know it was to early but I love him with all my heart we still talk but I just wish it could go back to normal where I can see him where I could kiss him and he'd mine and only mine I miss it everything and I don't know what to do :(


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  • hello

    i dont know your age bur if you are under 18 ; it is hard to understand and take control your emotions in rational way , try to give this thing more time and try to find a better way to explain things to your parent , and the sex thing doesn't mean love , maybe you gave him yourself and you thought that was a sign from you that you love him but do not expect that all guys think like that , just saying

    hope this helps
    Best Regards

  • :( Im sorry


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