Ever been really into someone than just didn't care about them anymore?

there was this local girl who lived near me , I used to really have a thing for her , she was tall. blonde and really good looking , you'd see her jog down the road looking all hot , I guess she's still good looking but lost interest last year after she was rude to me and I felt I had been treated badly by her at bar on a few occasions.
it caused me to realise her personality was rather awful and that she cared more about alcohol and meeting hot guys than she cared if we were even friends. my interest in her rather evaporated as they might say , I used to think about having sex with her all the time but haven't anymore and used to want to date her but now don't even care if we ever do. I guess if she like apologised and showed genuine interest in me I might try to be friends with her but really have lost all interest in her on any level.


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  • Yes I have was blind by B.S. images he'd portrayed, realize he a liar and a user, he suddenly don't seem so attractive any more. I dodged a bullet. ..whew thank god for opening my eyes. And now I could live my life. However I do feel sorry for the next women who falls for him tho. And good for you.
    I'd suggest you don't bother being her friend. Your way better than that.

    • Its weird i've only seen her once since the end of last summer and her parents live just down the street from me. I saw her once at a bar in the city she goes to college in , I think I said hi and she just drifted off to go do drinks with some random hot guy , she doesn't even come home on weekends like ever even though her college is only 1 hour away , its like she doesn't exist anymore , I think she just like moved on , still single according to her Facebook or what I can see she refused to add me as a friend last year , but not surprised she isn't seeing anyone serious I can't see how any guy could put up with her for more than 1 night

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    • Well don't you be concerned. Go find yourself a nice good girl who adores you, and you can be yourself around and who you respect, and who respect her self. Leave that trash to the curb.
      Let her be someone else good time gone bad.

    • sorry if I come across as rather emotional about this , I was really into her. to be honest its not even the possible sleeping around that bothers me the most. its that she felt it was OK to be extremely rude to me like I could be treated like crap and that was ok , cause I was just some guy she wasn't interested in so why did I even matter. its like some girls feel its ok to be extremely rude to guys they don't want to date , I don't understand why a girl would be like this to a guy who genuinely wanted to be a part of her life and found her interesting at least I did back then. I don't see why we couldn't at least had been friends , I guess she though her hot dream guy was waiting for her at the bar not waiting for her down the road

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  • This has happened a he times to me. It starts with me being interested and him only being interested in one thing. After some time I lose my interest completely because I realize I'm better of without him. It's pretty good and to be honest this is probably one of the best feelings ever.

  • Well just don't be friends, cut her off and move on. If she wasn't into you and did things you found distasteful or offensive, she's not the girl for you.

    • well yeah other than geography and common hang places we didn't have a lot in common I guess , geography or ( just cause they live nearby ) isn't a good reason to date someone these days

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    • I don't get the feeling she is the kind of girl to apologise either , so not likely one is coming , but maybe as she gets older she will realise that she made some dumb moves when she was young

    • Probably true.

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